Mon, 10 Feb 2014 17:50:19 PST
Wow, Brad's words sound pretty rude to me. PBS is the greatest bulb resource in the world and there are thousands of comments on many topics related to bulbs in the archives and they are produced all the time, from experts and from amateurs. From time to time something out of topic may come up and it makes no harm if people feel like commenting on them: it is part of the general climate of freedom and tolerance that we all try to maintain. As for your 25 the many rarities in the BX you will surely receive will amount for many times that sum. 

> > My Name is Brad and I have just recently joined the PBS and subscribed to
> > The List. I paid my $25 on Jan 23th. When I joined this organization I
> > thought I would learn things. Even though I am learning things it's not
> > quite what I expected.  Since joining 19 days ago I have received about 100
> > posts, of these, half of them have been the debate on the British/American
> > definition of words like yard, garden and their various forms. Are you
> > kidding me? ... The quality of the forums are going to have to improve considerably before I
> > come up with another $25 (that's American) next year.


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