Daubenya bulb

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Sat, 22 Feb 2014 15:02:56 PST
Sorry for slow response.

No papery skin or bracts.  I'm going to order more seed & try it again.
I'll watch for this characteristic.  

Yes, the flowers look really neat.  I've been looking for bulbs of this
species to no avail.  I've only found D. zeyheri in bulb form.

Best regards, Lisa

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Lisa wrote:

>> I recently dug up this bulb; doubting it's a Daubenya.

I'm not sure. The bits of leaves at the top don't look like Daubenya (a
mature bulb has flat leaves). But the color and shape of the bulb could be a
match for Daubenya. Did the bulb have some thin papery bracts or skins
around it when you dug it up? Mine have a lot of that.

If it is a Daubenya, don't leave it out of the ground for too long; they do
not like that.

In my experience, they are relatively slow-growing and can take years to

Good luck! The flowers are worth the wait.

San Jose, CA

PS: The Daubenyas that I have grow fairly shallowly, with the bulb close to
the surface but a lot of room below for roots.

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