Growing iris from seed

Eugene Zielinski
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 15:50:26 PST
Iris species are varied in their germination requirements.  Why don't you list the types you have?
Soaking the seed does no harm, and helps in some cases (I. tenax, for example).

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>Now my next question.
>I am in Melbourne Australia - autumn is beginning with weather that can be
>dry or wettish or frosty.
>I have seeds of about 8 different iris mainly species.
>My friend has never got any to germinate.
>I am soaking all of them at the moment to see if that helps..
>I have germinated Pacific Coast Iris - just sewed the seed now in shade and
>Have I done the right thing here?
>How long before they germinate - as a general rule?
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