1629 Paradisus of John Parkinson

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Scent is an integral part of the earthly paradise delights so plants like jasmine Lilium candidum, Narcissus tazeta and damask roses and even Paeonia lactiflora, oranges and others via the silk road would be an important part of the flora. They give refreshment from the crushing heat too. Smelling a damask rose is quite an experience on a crushingly hot day.
The scent of grape-vine blossom is mentioned quite often in poetry associated with these gardens and I seem to remember in the bible even?

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  " The suite of plants in an Islamic garden would be much restricted by climate. And the plans I have seen suggest that the plants present were often plants of practical importance such as fruit trees (dates, pomegranates, figs) rather than the sort of plants we think of as being of "botanical interest". 
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