Erythronium 'Sundisc' parents

Paige Woodward
Fri, 14 Feb 2014 21:59:54 PST
One parent of the robust Erythronium hybrid 'Sundisc' is E. tuolumnense. I am willing to take this for granted. Is the rest of its ancestry registered, or plausibly published, somewhere? I've been wandering online through Sargassos of recopied blither. 

All may be plain to those of you who know about registering cultivated plants. I am out in the weeds of species. 

Given the fox-colored throat markings of 'Sundisc', my chief suspects for the other parent are two species with similar throat markings: E. oregonum and E. californicum, both white-flowered. All three species are broadly within wild range of each other, given an Olympics-caliber flying pollinator;  but perhaps this is a garden cross. 

'Sundisc' is so very robust and vigorous that it is tempting to imagine the almost as vigorous selection E. californicum 'White Beauty' as the other parent. On the other hand, E. oregonum sometimes has tepals with backs as green as those of 'Sundisc'. 

But there is no saying (is there?) that only two species are involved. 

Please speak up if you know the story of 'Sundisc'.

Paige Woodward

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