off topic, bloom / flower / back yard

Peter Franks
Sat, 08 Feb 2014 13:24:38 PST
Hi all

Another term I've encountered only in American literature is "door yard".
Does this have any relevance in our current thread? Is this term still used?

Peter Franks in dry Sydney, Australia

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But, please, what is the U.S.A. English term for the British back yard????
I already know the meaning of the U.S.A. back yard!
I also know the interchangeability of bloom and flower in U.S.A English. It
is not the same in the English which I speak.

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> I would like to know the American English
> term for a  utilitarian space such as the British 'back yard'.
> A back yard. In America (or at least in my part of it), a back yard is ...

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