Another kind of 'yard'

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Don't forget grave yard! Often lots of flowers/blossoms/blooms.

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Another kind of 'yard' that has almost gone extinct in America is the
'drying yard.' It certainly appeared in household diagrams and writings of,
let's say, pre-WWII. These were often narrow side-yards with plenty of
shrubs in them on which to drape lace tablecloths, etc. or, there might be
stout posts with lengths of strong wire for hanging clothes. I believe the
umbrella-shaped clothes dryers on a pole are truly extinct. Here in rural
Texas, only the most lowly households draped their washing on the nearby
barbed wire fences...although that must have been quite a temptation...I
wonder if the English laid out washing on box shrubs...would the dried
laundry later smell of cats? It's possibly only their Buxus suffructicosa or
sempervirens that have that odor. In Texas box is usually the Korean or
Japanese variety, with little smell. -Cynthia Mueller

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