Shirley Meneice
Mon, 10 Feb 2014 21:49:41 PST
Dear Brad:  As a fellow Camellia enthusiast who has wandered into the world
of bulbs and corms, let me suggest you use a bit of patience with the "off
topic" comments you object to.  Just skip those and revel in the information
you will find and in the offers of bulbs and seeds that are seldom available
elsewhere.  Or you could join Facebook, but I suspect you wouldn't find it
very helpful -- even after 319 days.

	Shirley Meneice

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Hi All,


My Name is Brad and I have just recently joined the PBS and subscribed to
The List. I paid my $25 on Jan 23th. When I joined this organization I
thought I would learn things. Even though I am learning things it's not
quite what I expected.  Since joining 19 days ago I have received about 100
posts, of these, half of them have been the debate on the British/American
definition of words like yard, garden and their various forms. Are you
kidding me? What a waste of space in this forum. When I leave my house
whether it's via the front door or the back door, I know where to find my
yard, my garden and my flower beds. And I know what I want to do there when
I get there.

If you want to carry on this British/ American English thing----Let start
with----What is Football? Then let's move to what is a boot or a bonnet or a
hood or a trunk? The important thing is whether you are in the UK or  the
USA when someone mentions these things to you-----YOU know what they are
talking about. 

The quality of the forums are going to have to improve considerably before I
come up with another $25 (that's American) next year.

Respectfully submitted, 



Ontario Canada

Zone 5b

Above average snow fall and below average temperatures for the last 6 weeks.

Only 2 and half more months until spring.


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