Cyanella seedling advice

Mon, 17 Feb 2014 14:06:28 PST
I started some Cyanella hyacinthoides seed received the the BX 352 - seed started last November and a pot placed on the cool 52-54F basement floor germinated quite well.  a second pot started at the same time in a warmer location 55F-72F with a baggie over top to keep up the moisture had much poor germ. rate. so i placed both pots on the floor in a tray of damp sand with the cyclamen. 
the Cyanella  seedlings have since languished and attracted aphids.…

does anyone have any experience growing Cyanella successfully from seed ?

do these need warm root conditions once they have germinated?

Mary Sue mentioned these these grow in areas of South Africa that would get quite warm in summer.

Thank you

SE Michigan
Humid continental Zone 5

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