Zephyranthes citrina vs. flavissima

Alberto ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:29:26 PST
Hello, Nhu. Of the images you have submitted to the wiki, I would say the first one is the same original flavissima as in cultivation around the world. When I see the rest I am not so sure but they must be compared if grown in standing water as it is how the plant grows in the wild.

I have been avoiding to mention that originally the aquatic yellow species from Argentina was described by Ravenna as Z. flavissima. This is the one I collected and distributed around the world. A few years ago, Ravenna decided that the real flavissima was a Brazilian species and gave the Argentinian plant another name. You know, the usual mess.So let's keep it flavissima for the sake of our mental health. There are similar plants in Brazil that could be flavissima as well but to approach that we have to grow them all as an aquatic and having the original flavissima around for comparison. The foliage in your wiki photos look very much like the original flavissima's but too scan instead of the grassy tufts but it may be due to less aquatic whereabouts. 

The  superb form of candida you saw and photographed at UC Berkeley was collected and given to them and also grows as an aquatic as well  and in the deepest shade.


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