Bulbs blooming early (was: Mild winter)

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Wed, 05 Feb 2014 10:26:04 PST
About a month ago, My wrote to the list asking if bulbs were blooming early
this year in California. I wrote back saying that everything here in San
Jose was on schedule.

My, I apologize. I was wrong.

Although my fall-blooming stuff was on schedule, many of the spring blooming
bulbs are now blooming a month or more ahead of schedule. The spring Moraeas
are now starting to bloom, and several spring Romuleas are in full bloom.
Most of these would bloom in March in a typical year.

I don't know if the cause is the dry weather we've had for much of the
winter, or the milder average temps (other than a nasty freeze at the end of
last year), or something else. But definitely stuff is blooming early.

Back in December I was worried that the freeze might actually delay
blooming. Shows how much I know ;-)

Is anyone else seeing early blooms this year?
San Jose, CA
Zone 9, min temp 20F (-7C)

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