Growing Dierama in Zone 9

aaron floden
Mon, 24 Feb 2014 10:44:59 PST
I have found that they dislike the heat. After having attempted many of the species (ca. half maybe) and some hybrids here in Tennessee in the NA southeast and in Kansas I have given up on them. Many proved to be quite cold hardy, but none appreciated the summers when they would usually rot out. If anyone has found some to grow differently in the hot and humid southeast then I would like know.

 E Tennessee

On Tue, 2/25/14, Michael McAuley <> wrote:

 in Houston,
 Texas, which is in Zones 9 and 9a.  Will Dierama
 varieties grow here and, if so, which ones?  I
 understand that they require direct sun and well draining
 soil, but would there be anything that would prevent them
 from thriving here in this tropical area's hot, humid
 summers?  Please advise.  Thanks.

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