Caucasian snowdrop seeds

Jane McGary
Fri, 21 Feb 2014 11:56:11 PST
I have written to Alex Ponce about his search for "Caucasian 
snowdrop" seeds, with the bad news that Galanthus seeds are not 
generally sold because of their short viability. I also mentioned 
that if what he is seeking is Galanthus caucasicus, its name has been 
changed to Galanthus alpinus.

A huge pot of Galanthus alpinus was displayed at our NARGS meeting 
this Tuesday. Norm Kalbfleisch and Neil Matteucci rescued it from a 
nearby garden where it had grown for decades. I was also given this 
plant from an old Portland garden years ago. It is a large, vigorous 
plant with broad, glaucous leaves. It seems to love the Pacific 
Northwest. It probably got here among the thousands of wild-collected 
snowdrop bulbs that were sold through Dutch bulb catalogs years ago. 
(We will now hear from cynical correspondents who will tell us that 
wild-collected snowdrops still enter gardens, though circuitously.)

If you want to grow Galanthus from seed you need to get the seed just 
as it matures (the capsules turn yellowish before they open) and 
plant it right away.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 08:13 AM 2/21/2014, you wrote:
>If someone can help Alexander find Caucasian snowdrop seeds please
>contact him directly at his personal email.
>He has already searched our Sources page on the wiki.
>Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Alexander Ponce <>
> > Hi, do you have any idea, Where could I buy Caucasian snowdrop
> > seeds? I have been looking around but no one seems to have any.

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