Hymenocallis Pygmaea

Brad King brad@alpinepfl.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 18:58:23 PST
Thanks Leo. Am I on the right track by keeping this Hymenocallis as wet as I

Brad asked

Late last spring I acquired an Hymenocallis Pygmaea?
seedling. I planted it in a clay pot and it spent the
summer in the corner of my Koi pond.... In the fall it
was moved to an east facing window with the pot in
another pot of water at the same level. It seems
to be doing OK. Albeit, I feel it is slow.

While I haven't grown this plant, other Hymenocallis grow during warm
weather, and do
best in mostly full sun. I wouldn't expect much from your pygmy during the
winter. Next
summer keep it as warm as possible in Canada and give it a lot of sun. You
will also see
that overpotting Hymenocallis is a very good idea.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA


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