Virtual Iris show, was INVITE

Jane McGary
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 12:02:17 PST
Robert Pries wrote:
>I invite all of you on the bulb forum to have some fun showing off 
>what iridaceae you grow in the First International Virtual Iris Show.

Does the photo have to be taken during the same year as the show?
What resolution should the photos be? I always downsize mine when 
e-mailing them, but I sometimes find myself waiting quite a while for 
a message from someone who doesn't. However, if Robert is going to 
put up the entries on a website, he may want smaller files, just as 
the PBS wiki requires.

Like many other gardeners I went through a Tall Bearded Iris phase (I 
was relieved to learn that this isn't uncommon) and gave it up when I 
found that most of the modern cultivars aren't good subjects for the 
mixed garden, but I still grow a lot of species.

I expect the Junos and aril hybrids in the bulb house have now 
finished emerging from the snow that piled up on them in our recent 
snowstorm accompanied by high winds, which blew snow through the 
hardware cloth sides of the "Mediterranean house" onto both moist and 
dry beds. It saves me some watering and may make the Central Asian 
species feel at home. A number of reticulatas have shaken it off 
already and opened their flowers, and Iris stenophylla subsp. 
allisonii, a Juno (Scorpiris, to be botanical about it), doesn't look 
much the worse for wear, even though it bears its purple flowers very 
close to the surface.

Now to take the tarp off the seed shed and see what kind of survival 
has ensued, despite a space heater that turned out to be completely inadequate.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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