Brad King
Mon, 10 Feb 2014 16:13:24 PST
Hi All,


My Name is Brad and I have just recently joined the PBS and subscribed to
The List. I paid my $25 on Jan 23th. When I joined this organization I
thought I would learn things. Even though I am learning things it's not
quite what I expected.  Since joining 19 days ago I have received about 100
posts, of these, half of them have been the debate on the British/American
definition of words like yard, garden and their various forms. Are you
kidding me? What a waste of space in this forum. When I leave my house
whether it's via the front door or the back door, I know where to find my
yard, my garden and my flower beds. And I know what I want to do there when
I get there.

If you want to carry on this British/ American English thing----Let start
with----What is Football? Then let's move to what is a boot or a bonnet or a
hood or a trunk? The important thing is whether you are in the UK or  the
USA when someone mentions these things to you-----YOU know what they are
talking about. 

The quality of the forums are going to have to improve considerably before I
come up with another $25 (that's American) next year.

Respectfully submitted, 



Ontario Canada

Zone 5b

Above average snow fall and below average temperatures for the last 6 weeks.

Only 2 and half more months until spring.


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