Hymenocallis Pygmaea

Alani Davis alanidae@gmail.com
Thu, 13 Feb 2014 10:13:41 PST
Hey Brad

On one hand, you don't necessarily have to keep it that moist to keep
Hymenocallis pygmaea happy but it certainly won't mind it and will thrive
like that. They like to stay moist but don't necessarily have to have
submersed soils to do well. I find when growing Hymenocallis in this manner
that the pelletized slow release fertilizers made for waterlilies and water
garden plants are a convenient means to fertilize them. They don't have a
huge leaf production but good lighting and warmth are definitely important.
I agree with Leo too; this is not a big plant at all but I don't think they
like being cramped in small pots and don't bloom as well.

Alani Davis
Tallahassee, Florida

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 9:58 PM, Brad King <brad@alpinepfl.com> wrote:

> Thanks Leo. Am I on the right track by keeping this Hymenocallis as wet as
> I
> am?
> Brad asked
> Late last spring I acquired an Hymenocallis Pygmaea?
> seedling. I planted it in a clay pot and it spent the
> summer in the corner of my Koi pond.... In the fall it
> was moved to an east facing window with the pot in
> another pot of water at the same level. It seems
> to be doing OK. Albeit, I feel it is slow.
> While I haven't grown this plant, other Hymenocallis grow during warm
> weather, and do
> best in mostly full sun. I wouldn't expect much from your pygmy during the
> winter. Next
> summer keep it as warm as possible in Canada and give it a lot of sun. You
> will also see
> that overpotting Hymenocallis is a very good idea.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
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