: Leontice

Darren Sleep darren@fairhaven45.plus.com
Sat, 22 Feb 2014 01:25:13 PST
Jane wrote:

"Some other kinds of bulbs do this too, particularly Calochortus and
Erythronium, but they don't fail to make bulbs the first year as far
as I have noticed."

This is my experience also. These bulbs seem willing to form bulbs  
whenever they 'realise' no further downward growth is possible. Some  
Australian terrestrial orchids do likewise. So I expected Leontice to  
be similar but it appears they really do want that extra depth.

Sorry - haven't worked out how to quote properly yet and the sun is  
sining (a rare event this winter) so I want to get out in the garden!

Darren Sleep

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