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Kipp McMichael kimcmich@hotmail.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2014 16:43:51 PST

Although there may be reasons to mistrust a variety of giant corporations, this instance is not one of them. The collaboration features offered by an online document are substantial. Paranoia about sharing information is this instance both misplaced and antithetical to the very enterprise people here are suggesting.

First: For those concerned about privacy in any way, you can create a google account that uses whatever email you already have (and you can use fake personal info in setting-up the account otherwise). In doing so, you won't be "dependent" or "with" google beyond merely having an account with them that uses your email address as your login name. Google *will not* have access to your emails or any other private information. You can use this new account only to contribute/access the document Boyce created. There will be no danger to you or your private information.

Boyce *could* have made the document viewable and editable by anyone who has the URL - this may be a good solution since one can always undo edits made by mistake or otherwise nefariously. That would eliminate the (misplaced though they are) concerns people have about needing to create a google account (and also make it faster for people to add content to the document). I imagine Boyce choose white-list access because it provides more security to the document and it means we can always identify the author of changes. An openly editable document that does not require login would leave us unable to attribute changes to particular people (which could make managing the document and fixing mistakes or vandalism harder).

I cannot stress enough how advantageous it is to have document that requires broad collaboration to be accessible online. A non-online spreadsheet will require enormous work to keep simultaneously edited versions from multiple people in synch... and it invites errors, overwrites, and regressions.


> Only if you are "with" Google.


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