Hans Huizing
Sun, 19 Jan 2014 08:40:41 PST
Dag Aad,

Nu oppotten, 1 keer een beetje water geven en wachten tot er groei 
zichtbaar is.
Dan meer water geven.

Dus jouw optie 3.



Aad van Beek schreef op 19-1-2014 16:05:
> I bought several gladiolus and geissorhiza species from South-Africa. They were sowed in march 2013 and harvested in november 2013, according to the seller. What can I do best.
> 1. Store the bulbs dry till april or august depending on summer or winter growing species.
> 2. pot the bulbs now and keep the soil dry till new growth starts
> 3. Pot the bulbs now and water them ones till new growth starts
> 4. Pot the bulbs now and keep the soil a bit moist till new growth starts.
> With most southern hemisphere bulbs I usually follow option 3 to convert them to northern hemisphere conditions.
> Aad,
> Holland
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