colchichum in bloom/ Winter blooms/Narcissus 'Cedric Morris'

Tue, 07 Jan 2014 02:06:42 PST
Dear Jim & al,
Perhaps those with a more coastal climate could get it to perform in mid winter?
Odd that rabiits go for it. I suppose it is because it is early leafage?
where a goodly clump of 'Cedric' is doing well after only a few years.

> Message du 06/01/14 18:45
> De : "James Waddick" 
> Dear Mark,
> I’ve grown ‘Cedric’ for years. In very mild winters it may be in bloom before the end of Jan, but mid Feb to Mid March is far more common . It is always the earliest Narc. to bloom here. It is unfortunately slow to multiply in my hard climate though. Being the first thing to produce foliage it is always a target for bunnies and I have to put a bell jar over it to keep it from being eaten. I know it is a Narc and ‘nothing ‘ eats them.
> Even so, it is one of my favorites and I wish it would multiply faster and I could spread it around the garden. 
> Best Jim W in Kansas City MO
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