Crinum americanum seed

Kipp McMichael
Wed, 08 Jan 2014 15:20:51 PST

  I have returned from Florida with a few dozen Crinum americanum seeds (with collection data!) I'll send them off to Dell tomorrow. The seeds are very large (strawberry-sized) and various levels of freshness - from pods that were just starting to decompose to seeds from thoroughly dried pods plus a few shriveled seeds with bulbils attached.

  I actually made two separate collections. The larger collection was of seeds from plants in a roadside ditch in Collier County, FL. Various plants were in all stages - from bloom to ripened seed pods - so the ID for these is quite certain. As a bonus at this site, the dryer area behind the ditch had Hymenocallis sp in bloom as well (but no seeds of these).

  The smaller collection actually preceded the larger collection and was from a Mangrove key at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. The site was the dry, sandy "upland" of the island about 2-3 feet above sea level. The bulbs here were set much deeper and none were in-bloom. I initially took the plants for some other amaryllid since they have only a few live leaves  - but once I found a shriveled seeds with bulbils attached the id resolved to C. americanum (it also made sense later when I discovered how common the species was upstream of these islands in wetlands that drain toward the Gulf).

  I'll be sending the seeds and bulbils to Dell tomorrow.


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