Mulch to Remove O. pes-caprae

John Wickham
Sun, 12 Jan 2014 14:42:37 PST
I was wondering if anyone has any experience using mulch to remove Oxalis pes-caprae. I have this pest in my yard and have been working somewhat diligently to remove it by hand. But pulling it out of my clay soils causes the main root to break off at the soil line, or just below. This process has been moderately successful, but I've learned the hard way that any segment of the plant that remains behind on the top of the soil soon roots and causes the plant to spread.

SO......I discovered that my property line with my neighbor also has some O. pes-caprae. It is located in a spot where oak leaves have piled up rather high. The foliage has pushed up over the leaves. Over the last few months, I've been piling the oak leaves on top of the Oxalis foliage even higher: hide it and it won't exist, right? The foliage pushes through still. Today I decided to pull the plants and they came up very easily. The white root segments were very long and tappered down to very thin, fine segments. I did not get any bulbs or bulb coats.

My thought is that by piling a very loose leaf mulch on top of the plants, it forced them to push more/most/all of their energy up into the mulch to produce foliage that could actually reach sunlight. Could all or most of the plant be located in mulch now, which is very loose and easy to weed? Could this be an effective solution for removing O. pes-caprae?

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