Mystery bulb, possible Ornithogalum, from Atlas Mountains

Jane McGary
Sun, 12 Jan 2014 15:22:38 PST
Alberto suggested Urginea. Another possibility is Asphodelus, 
flowering after the leaves have withered. The latter would have had 
long, narrow leaves.

Jane McGary
Portland, oregon, USa

At 01:38 PM 1/12/2014, you wrote:
>A new mystery bulb is posted to
>(We started posting the newest ones on the top recently, rather than
>on the bottom.)
>This latest one is from Robert Hoel, who writes
>"In early October we were hiking in the foothills of the Atlas
>Mountains about an hour west of Marrakech when I realized we were in
>an area where these flowers were all around us. The flower reminds me
>of a type of Ornithogalum but there was no foliage."

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