USA sources of Rhodohypoxis

Brian Whyer
Tue, 28 Jan 2014 02:50:55 PST
Rhodohypoxis seem to have reached the mass production level in the UK. Although I can buy apparently single selected forms in 3" pots in spring for 2-3£, later they will be clumps with maybe 5 or 10 shoots, and last year 6-10" pots were available with maybe 50+ shoots for £10-15. The better growing forms increase very rapidly.
Although when I saw them round the highest pub in Africa like single daisies in the coarse grasses they can be seen as sheets of solid colour in some UK gardens. At a glance it can be difficult to distinguish them from dwarf Pinks. This is one of those species where you can collected the odddities, and build up a collection, or grow the readily available forms and accept that when you have1 or 2 sq feet of solid colour with few leaves showing, the named clones you have are almost irrelevant.
Go 1/2 way down this page… see them in the Wildside nursery in Devon, or I can supply some more photos of them from this garden or elsewhere probably if I search.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8 ish

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