Identifying Rain Lilies

Mon, 13 Jan 2014 12:33:06 PST
In trying to learn to identify rain lilies, I am starting by looking for
constants -- peduncle length? pedicel length? floral tube length? ratios of
filament lengths? stigma lengths? I am already disheartened to read in
Flora of North America, vol. 26, p. 297, where Flagg, Smith, & Flory wrote,
"It had been thought that pedicels are consistently either present or
absent in species of Zephyranthes. This is belied by the occurrence of both
pedicellate and sessile flowers within each of the the three species (Z.
atamasca, Z. treatiae, and Z. simpsonii) native to the southeastern United

Can anyone suggest any other physical trait that might be consistent?


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