Massonia that's blooming

Hans Huizing
Mon, 06 Jan 2014 01:52:15 PST
Hello Karl,

Your Massonia is probably Massonia sp. from Vleesbaai? (Vleesbaai is 
originally Dutch and means in English Meat bay).

Sounds like a lack of light.
I keep my Massonia 's and Daubenya 's in a frost free greenhouse with 
maximum temperatures of about 10-14° Celsius. (50-58° Fahrenheit).
And as much light as possible.
A combination of a too high temperature and too less light will make the 
plants deform and the leaves will start to come up.

Hans Huizing
zone 7b

Karl Church schreef op 6-1-2014 8:39:
> Hi all; I have a recently acquired Massonia vlessbuai that gas begun to
> bloom & them leaves have gone from prostrate to vertical. Does anyone have
> a suggestion as to why thus is happening? The plant is indoors with
> temperatures ranging from 55-68 °F.
> Karl Church
> Dinuba, CA
> Zone 9b
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