colchichum in bloom

Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 05 Jan 2014 15:46:37 PST
Reading about winter flowering colchichums, consider sending seeds to the seed exchange. There's some serious flower-deprivation going on in some northern hemisphere gardens. There's going to be more planning for midwinter flowers in mine at the very least. 

As for what's in flower outside:  Nada. My snowdrops are above ground, but no sign of buds yet. Ditto on Eranthis. Also, no crocus in flower outside. Even Iris unguicularis has stopped flowering for a few weeks. Iphieon pots have leaves but no buds. PCI Premonition of Spring has decided to put off flowering for a few more weeks, so even it is bare. On the other hand, Cardamine hirsute is starting to open the first flowers, so on the warmer days, I'm out popping those rosettes out and into salads. 

South Coast of Washington, in a dry winter, with sunny days and very little rain or snow

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