Amazing Amaryllis

Jane Merryman
Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:34:48 PST
Ann Patterson writes:

I have an Amaryllis bulb that has bloomed nearly every year since 1924. 
It has always been indoors in a small pot. After it blooms the flowers 
are cut and the leaves are allowed to grow all year. It is watered about 
once a month and a little bone meal is sprinkled on the soil. I have a 
picture of my mother as a baby sitting beside it. I am its caretaker 
now. The bulb split a couple years ago and this year I have two blooms. 
It is a very pretty orange color with a yellow throat. It usually blooms 
in January, but I always doubt that it will really bloom again. I think 
that it is very special and unusual and I felt the need to share its story.

You can reply to Ann and she will share photos of this amazing plant.

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