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I try to store most seeds in dry containers inside the refrigerator. Mauro Peixoto of Brazil is very conscientious about keeping all of his seeds very dry and cold in his warm humid climate (in sealed containers with colored-moisture-indicator silica gel inside a fridge dedicated to storing all of his seeds). But I had heard that in the case of mediterranean-climate seeds, which tend to ripen in mid-to-late spring and then have to survive a dry, warm-to-hot summer before the rains return in the autumn in their natural conditions, there might be a need or expectation built into the seeds to experience a period of dryness and warmth before they will germinate once moisture arrives. And in some mediterranean-climate locations, they might not get enough rainfall some winters and so the seeds will have to survive yet another period of heat and dryness before successfully germinating. So wouldn't Leo's summer office desert climate fulfill this requirement, if this is indeed what seeds from mediterranean climates require (or at least don't mind)?
I'm not sure if Daubenya aurea falls into this category, however.

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On Jan 3, 2014, at 2:33 PM, Hannon <othonna@gmail.com> wrote:

> Seeds of various bulbs and other plants stored in this dry climate (Los
> Angeles) can lose their viability quickly without COLD. Simple
> refrigeration in paper envelopes without any other special treatment will
> extend the life of many seeds by years.
> It is depressing to think of the many fine plants (seeds) I've seen stored
> in an office drawer or cabinet become lifeless after a few years or even
> months.
> Dylan
> On 3 January 2014 14:20, Alberto <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> This in a very dry climate, leo. It is evident the key to success with
>> storing most bulbs seed is dryness.
>>> I store it in the paper packet in a box in my office where it is quite
>> warm all summer.
>>> Then I plant it in the fall. Have had good germination so far. I have
>> had some sprout
>>> after at least 4 years' storage under these conditions.
>> Phoenix Arizona
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