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Wed, 15 Jan 2014 17:29:53 PST

I am curious who this annoying person is? If they are truly out there for their own green stating that persons name would be beneficial to some people.

CITES would say that botanical gardens harbor far more diversity with better care than private collectors. I would disagree with that statement and agree wholeheartedly with Dylan's statement. Apparently CITES has been considering propagation of rare plants and not just citation when caught in transmitting them over political boundaries.


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Even as botanical gardens are becoming more organized in databasing and
mapping their holdings, it is a safe bet that most of the diversity of
cultivated plants remains in private hands. This speaks to motivations as
well as resources. The sometimes awkward interface of plant
exchange between public gardens and collectors will not be improved by
increased centralization of information about collections in either sphere.
The current informal and often personal basis of exchange of plants and
information between all types of

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