new Polianthes cultivars

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 27 Jan 2014 13:06:59 PST
I did some research last night & confirmed what others have said, that
these plants are advanced hybrids out of P. tuberosa and P. howardii.…

Michigan Bulb Company (*shudder!*) is selling them.  Their website looks
identical to the Van Bourgondien website Lee posted earlier.……

Viewing the catalog on Brent & Becky's gave me the impression that many
photos were enhanced with saturated color.  So many of them look.....
wrong.  (especially the Irises which are a genus I'm intimately familiar
with.)  So it makes me dubious their "super gold" Polianthes is going to
look as good as the photo.  It'll be pale yellow or something.  Still, I'd
rather support them than Michigan Bulb (*shudder!*) Company, which for some
reason is now based out of Cincinnati?!

Dennis in Cincinnati

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