Weird Pink Call Lily email received?

Ina Crossley
Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:18:06 PST
I didn't get anything like that Paul. Sounds dodgy.


Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand zone 10a

On 30/01/2014 10:56 a.m., Paul T. wrote:
> Howdy Folks,
> Anyone else got a kind of weird email telling you
> that the correct name for the pink calla lily is
> Zantedeschia aethopica Marshmallow not Pink
> Mist?  I received a strange email telling me that
> this morning, when I haven't mentioned that
> particular calla in years I think.  Apparently
> from a person who's ID would lead me to believe
> it was a Pamela Perry (, but
> there was no signature or anything like that?
> I'm wondering if it is some sort of email
> harvesting or something like that as just a
> single line, didn't include my name or a
> signature.  Just seems a bit weird and I don't
> want to respond until I've found out whether this
> is going out to other people or not?  I figure
> that this list goes out to a lot of people and
> might get some responses if this is some sort of
> weird hoax or something?  Fair enough if I'd
> mentioned it recently, but has been years.
> Other than that, I hope everyone is doing
> well.  I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
> Cheers.
> Paul T.
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> (to name but a few) and just about anything else that doesn't move!!
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