Cyrtanthus flanaganii

Nicholas plummer
Mon, 12 May 2014 15:14:37 PDT
I recently obtained some seed of Cyrtanthus epiphyticus and C. flanaganii
which are starting to germinate (float method).  Cultural conditions for C.
epiphyticus seem reasonably straightforward, but I haven't found much
information on C. flanaganii.  From web searches, I gather that it is a
high altitude species and may experience snow in nature.  Does that mean
that it requires a cold (as opposed to cool) dormancy?  Snow would seem to
imply winter moisture, so not too dry during dormancy?  Any cultural advice
would be appreciated.  I'm afraid that Jim Shields' comments on the list,
December 2003, don't bode well.

Nick Plummer
Durham, NC, USA (Zone 7), where the wild Zephyranthes atamasco are in full

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