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Robert Pries
Tue, 06 May 2014 09:29:56 PDT
David; The Iris society has many such hybrids. The primary cross is always a capital X and secondary parentages are small x's. generally the x before Chrysofor would be dropped and it would read 'Chrysofor' X Iris species using the cultivar name 'Chrysofor' which is synonymous with xChrysofor. Or you could have it written (I.chrysographes x I.forestii} X {I. sp.)presuming you know that chrysographes was the pod parent. Do a search on the Iris Encyclopedia under Species Crosses. at

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Dear All

If you cross a hybrid for example Iris xchrysofor with another Iris species how do you name it - It seems wrong to call it Iris x chrysofor x (another species) - but I have no idea what is right.

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David Ross

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