Triteleia hendersonii mystery form

David Pilling
Thu, 15 May 2014 13:12:08 PDT

I received the email below, you can see the photo here:…


I am a digest subscriber, but not a PBS member. I have some pictures of 
what I believe is Triteleia hendersonii, but a unique form with a very 
faint yellow line on the tepals, instead of purplish brown. I don't have 
a photonucket, flikr, etc account. Is there a way I can share them of 
the digest?  I've attached a picture of it here, though I know 
attachments on the digest are not advised. I do have a Facebook account 
where the picture can be made publicly viewable and a link sent out, 
would that work?

It would be nice to get a confirmation on my identification of the 
species, as I am an amateur. I would also like to share it because it is 
not a form seen on the wiki.


-Travis O
Rogue River, OR


David Pilling
North West England

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