Albuca shawii

Ernie DeMarie via pbs
Fri, 30 May 2014 15:58:52 PDT

One of the amazing things about A shawii is how well it can grow in such diverse climates as so Cal and here in NY, where it is perfectly hardy through our winters, despite not having deep set bulbs.  The bulbs are somewhat flattened and it does come up late, well after any chance of frost is past.  
Ernie DeMarie
Briarcliff Manor NY
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Some FLICKR links shots of  Albuca shawii, blooming today in San Diego, CA, May 
30, 2014, despite some serious neglect when I moved back East for awhile.  It 
seems to have a slight licorice scent noticeable (to me) only up close.  
Obtained from PBS bulb exchange in 2012.……

Ken Blackford
Bay Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA


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