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Hi Aad,

It works like this:

Crossing two different species produces a fairly uniform batch of
offspring.  This is the F1 generation.  Every plant in the F1 has one set
of genes from Parent 1 and one set from Parent 2.  This is why they are all
more or less alike.

Crossing any sibling plants (or selfing one of them if fertile) from the F1
produces the F2 generation.  In the F2 generation, any offspring can have
anywhere from all genes of one parent to all genes of the other parent.
They are mostly pretty well scrambled.

What you call F1 depends on where you are starting from and what your goals
are.  Crpssing two geographically separate plants from the same species
should produce simply more of the same species.  If the two populations
have developed significant gene differences, then you might want to call
your seedlings the F1 from population A x Population B.


At 04:19 PM 5/26/2014, you wrote:
This is triggered by pbs bx 360 where F2 was mentioned twice
7. Hippeastrum neopardinum x H. papilio, F2
16. Hippeastrum ‘Giraffe’ F2 x ‘Purple Rain’

So after reading wikipedia about hybrids a F2 is considered a self
pollinated F1 and the offspring is not uniform but having all sorts of
variation based on the gene combination from the parents and dominancy of

But that leads to the more mysterious question when do I get F1
hippeastrum.  So let me give some examples.
1. Whenever I cross two species? Doesn't seem to concur with the notion of
uniform offspring.
2. Whenever I cross the same species but from two separate gene pools most
likely caused by geographical distance. So is Hippeastrum papilio F1
possible. To me this sounds strange as I would call the offspring also
papilio species.
3. Same as 2 but then from neighboring plants, so most likely same gene
pool. Still would call the offspring papilio species instead of putting F1
after it.
4. Whenever I cross two cultivars. Also like 1 this doesn't concur with
notion of uniform offspring.
So in essence I can't come up with a scenario where the result is a F1. So
what do I overlook.

Can anyone explain what I'm missing.

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