Triteleia and Zigadenus

Mon, 19 May 2014 06:14:25 PDT
Hi there,
I have some wild Triteleia growing in my yard which I believe is Triteleia hendersonii, but it has white anthers instead of blue. It lacks the "crown like appendage" of T. ixioids, as the pistil seems to converge at a single point.

There is also what I think is a type of Zigadenus (now Toxicoscordion) in my yard which I'd like help identifying.

I would like to try to collect seed from these and grow them, does anybody have any experience with Triteleia from seed? Should I follow the standard bulb seed culture found in the wiki?

Here is the link to the bulbs now in the Mystery pages:…)


-Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR Z7

P.S. There are other members of the Brodiaea complex in my yard such as Dichelostemma congestum and some type of Brodiaea. I'll share pictures later. 

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