natural flowering

Sun, 18 May 2014 20:41:30 PDT
Two years ago I submitted some Fritilaria seed to the BX that I collected from the wild, on an islet offshore, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Returning a few days ago I found them blooming in a beautiful display. These and other images are posted at my flickr channel along with images of other wildflowers, and the very beautiful setting. Here is the mass flowering of Fritilaria camschatscensis we noticed from the boat as we approached the island <>. A close up of some flowers and old seed pods. <>. A nice image of Castilleja miniata, Fragaria virginiana and Maianthemum dilitatum that was typical of our day of botanizing on these offshore islets.  <>.

Lastly on one of the islets, we ran across a solitary raven who was unafraid and acted as official manager of his 'property'. So I made this silly youtube movie of the raven and shots of our flowers. <>

Incidentally, the halibut were not biting but the butter clams are wonderful. 

 Rich H
Now back home in Bellingham, Washington

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