Calochortus 'Symphony'

Jane McGary
Fri, 23 May 2014 15:30:50 PDT
John Wickham asked

Does anyone know the species of Calochortus 'Symphony'? I can't find 
any references on-line that provide a species level identification of 
this plant. It has some resemblance to C. catalinae, but I've never 
grown the plant and haven't been able to key it out.

>The PBS Wiki suggests that this is a pink flowered form of C. 
>venustus, but all other on-line resources show C. 'Symphony' as a 
>white flower with, maybe, some pink blush on the back of the petals.

Someone else asked recently about 'Symphony' and sent me a photo that 
is clearly Calochortus catalinae. However, I think that at one time a 
mixture of Calochortus was sold under that name. I am too tired to 
look it up (just got home from Japan) but as I recall the color of 
the anthers is distinctive.

Jane McGary

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