Pamianthe peruviana

Anders Bo Petersen
Tue, 06 May 2014 02:56:10 PDT
I would be surprised if it's self-fertile. As far as I know its relatives - Paramongaia and Worsleya are not.
Speaking of Pamianthe I grow it as well but no flowers yet. Just wonder, how should I treat it during winter time here in Denmark, Europe. I cut down the watering as the temperature decrease to about 18 celsius - water it once a week. Here in April, I started watering a lot more, new leaves are coming up. Any suggestions - would artificial light help, or?
Anders Bo Petersen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Den 10:05 tirsdag den 6. maj 2014 skrev Brian Whyer <>:
I have a Paminathe just beginning to flower at present. Online comments suggest this is self-fertile (self-compatible?) but last years flower quickly dried up and collapsed. What did I do wrong?

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