Boophone disticha

Rhoda and Cameron McMaster
Tue, 28 Oct 2014 06:02:21 PDT
Boophone disticha occurs in both the summer and winter rainfall regions of South Africa.  Plants in the summer rainfall region flower in October and November and start developing their leaves shorly after flowering.  Leaves persist through the summer.  Plants in the winter rainfall region flower in February and March after which they develop leaves which persist through the winter. While all are the same species and very similar in appearance in the two distince climatic zones,  these are sensible  growth strategies for the different rainfall zones.  In our opinion plants from seeds harvested in the different regions will maintain the growth pattern of their parents, no matter what differing environments they may be exposed to as they grow and mature.  When obtaining seed, make sure from which rainfall zone they originate so you can emulate the growing conditions of the parent plants.  

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