Kniphofia seedlings

Ernie DeMarie via pbs
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Hi Travis,
If the seeds have just germinated, just keep the pot(s) indoors under lights or in a sunny window (maybe not a possibility in at least some parts of Oregon), then come next spring transplant them into the garden or separate into bigger pots so they gain some size before putting in the garden.  If they have a few good leaves,  you could put the largest ones out to see how they fare, then hold back the smallest ones as insurance and plant out in spring. 
Mulch may help protect them during winter as well, they wont need it when they get older. 
Ernie DeMarie
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I recently sowed seeds in some pots from a Kniphofia hybrid from my parents 
garden. Some of the seeds have already germinated, and I'm worried that they 
won't survive the winter. Our Rogue River, OR garden is officially zone 7 with 
cold, sometimes snowless winters down to 4F some nights. The soil doesn't dry 
out til late late spring, and in shady areas the ground stays frozen all winter.
Would a heat mat and grow lights on my covered porch be enough or should I bring 
it indoors?
I guess if they don't survive I will have learned to sow them in spring, or 
later in fall.



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