Lycoris Aurea var Sargentii?

Peter Franks
Thu, 02 Oct 2014 16:24:32 PDT
Hi Lamon

The nearest name I can find to the one you quoted is L. aurea var. surgens.
This is said to be one of several variants of L. aurea found in the wilds of
China and other parts of East Asia. The petals are said to be the most
recurved of the variants and the leaves are said to be the narrowest of the
variants. It is also said to be a sterile form so it will be interesting to
hear if your plants produce seeds. This is also said to be the same type of
L. aurea found around St. Augustine in Florida. This information comes from
the standard work on the genus "Synopsis of the Genus Lycoris" by Hsu et al
(1994). I hope this is helpful

Kind Regards

Peter in Sydney, Australia
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I purchased these about 10 years ago as the above. I don't find any by this
name. I certainly am not disappointed as they are yellow (towards the orange
end a little). They are now blooming in Southern  USA. Most beautiful! No
camera to take a pic. Sorry. 
Lamon in Grady Co. Georgia
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