Scilla madeiriensis, was Scilla maderiensis

Nathan Lange
Mon, 13 Oct 2014 10:10:58 PDT

Even if these numbers were correct, what is the point of reporting 
the Google results?


At 10:04 PM 10/12/2014, you wrote:
>Good spot Ken. I was using the spelling in the subject heading in 
>the previous post  which I think originally came from you and was 
>repeated by a number of others and it was wrong and I didn't catch 
>it and then I repeated it.  And it will remain forever misspelled in 
>our archives. And yes it is very easy to do and probably why there 
>are a lot of plant names on the Internet spelled more than one way.
>Scilla madeiriensis 76,800  Google hits
>Scilla maderensis 19,200  Google hits
>Scilla maderiensis 308  Google hits with a number of them from the pbs list.
>Mary Sue

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