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Hi Diana,
Thanks for the update, I figured something was going on and that it might take more time to get the crinums.  I hope that your electric systems get fixed correctly when they come back, owning a greenhouse full of rarities makes the thought of power failures a very unpleasant one indeed.  
Best wishes,
Ernie DeMarie
Z7ish where a Crinum bulbispermum "Jumbo" is flowering for the first time, it survived last winter outdoors along with others from SA seeds.  Some Crocosmia aurea are still in bloom, as are some hybrid glads given to me by a friend and planted very late.  Of the many pots moved indoors over the weekend, Gladiolus ecklonii is coming into bloom, quite vivid spotting.  Hope it blooms earlier next year. 
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For all the people who ordered crinums from me, please be patient. I am 
getting many 'where are my crinums' e-mails, and I have only just 
started taking them out of the pots and cleaning them.  Because of their 
enormous root systems, all entangled, this is a huge and very strenuous 
job.  I have no help.  I am starting later than I planned because I have 
had electrical problems with the entire system to my greenhouses.   This 
means that the whole system has been dug up and replaced, with a crew of 
four all over the place, in the greenhouses, in the barn where I work, 
machinery digging trenches, etc.  They finished yesterday, and I could 
do very little work of this nature while they were here.  And, guess 
what?  The electricity to the greenhouses went out last night, so they 
are coming back on Tuesday.

I am not accepting any more orders for crinum.



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