off-topic: (other) acorns??

Erik Van Lennep
Thu, 09 Oct 2014 23:08:13 PDT
Apologies for this off-topic note, but the Texas Post Oak post tweaked my
pre-caffeine morning brain :)

We are starting a small botanic garden here in coastal Catalunya, and
searching for Mediterranean climate Quercus species to trial in our
changing climate. They are incredibly difficult to source in Europe!

If there are any PBS members who could help us out with a handful of fresh,
viable (float tested), clean, bug-free acorns, could you contact me
privately? I don't want to continue an off-topic thread in the forum here,
but I would love to hear from you directly: <>.

Looking for oak spp from areas with Mediterranean type climates; any
evergreen oaks, including Quercus virginiana, which not Mediterranean *per
se,* seems to thrive under those conditions. I can cover postage costs to

Thanks, and again, sorry for going off-topic.

Erik van Lennep

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