Scilla maderiensis

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 12 Oct 2014 18:08:02 PDT
At 05:33 PM 10/12/2014,  Alberto Castillo wrote:
>Please note it is Scilla maDERENsis

  Ken Preteroti  was kind enough to send me a 
photo of the purple bulb he got from Longwood 
Gardens to add to the wiki. Before I added it I 
reviewed some of the posts from people over the 
years and puzzled over the spelling since Jane 
McGary once suggested the spelling that Alberto is saying is correct.

 From IPNI:
Hyacinthaceae Scilla madeirensis Menezes
Brotéria. Sér. Bot. 1926, xxii. 24; et in Broteria, Ser. Bot. 1927, xxiii.76.

 From the World Checklist:
Scilla madeirensis Menezes, Brotéria, Sér. Bot. 22: 24 (1926).
This name is accepted.

This is the spelling that Kew uses and that the 
Plant List uses. I found this spelling on 
Tropicos as well. The only data base I could find 
that lists a plant with the spelling Scilla 
maderensis plant was Tropicos, but they only have 
a listing for a variety, Scilla maderensis var. 
melliodora Svent.  Neither the species nor a 
variety under this spelling is  found on 
IPNI.  And when you click on all of the possible 
references from Tropicos none of them list a 
species under this spelling.  I found a post from 
2011 on the pbs list from a correspondent from 
Madeira who described this plant (maderensis var. 
melliodora)  as "a very rare variant known only 
to occur in the remote archipelago of selvagens 
islands, and even here they only grow on the 
Selvagem pequena, an islet which is less than 1 
km square of area. The amazing thing is that the 
flowers are scented and might be pollinated by 
endemic lizzards (Lacerta dugesii subsp 
selvagensis and Tarentola bischofii). The leaves 
are more silvery too and I suspect this might be 
a new species as it differs a lot from the standard form."

I left the spelling on the wiki as Scilla 
maderiensis with a note that you sometimes see it 
spelled as Scilla maderensis. It seems to be 
another one of those plants that an Internet 
Search will yield you information under both 
spellings which makes it confusing. Was it 
misspelled when it was named perhaps?  

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