Scilla madeirensis bulbs form Longfield Gardens

Nathan Lange
Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:28:59 PDT

Longfield's customer service has been exemplary. I just received a 
phone call from Longfield Gardens and was personally assured that the 
new replacement bulbs are indeed Scilla madeirensis* and not 
Hyacinths. The caller mentioned that the bulbs were grown completely 
underground. This likely accounts for their non-rounded, more pointed 
appearance, and their color which is much less intense purple than 
those seen in online photos.

The new bulbs are likely to produce roots very quickly once they are 
planted. Since recommendations for S. madeirensis* in pots are to 
plant very shallow, I recommend carefully weighting the bulbs in 
place so their new roots don't push the bulbs completely out of the 
soil, a common occurrence when growing other shallowly planted bulbs, 
especially in coarse soil mixes. Avoid placing anything directly on 
the center of each bulb where the shoot will appear. Also, consider 
planting the bulbs with only their tops showing in an extremely well 
draining soil mix in tall pots.


*madeirensis is the spelling used by Kew

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